Driving Music

05. Windowsill

05. Windowsill by Driving Music

Hold me hanging from your windowsill
Drop me like you know you never will
Separate me in a pile of photographs
Pictures painted of the simple life we’ve left back home

So brush those old chords off your old guitar
Bow to thank the flickering yellow stars
For hearing you sing ’bout the ever dying youth
The many lives you’ve lived inside your sun blocked room
And memories, they shall no longer be abused in poetry

“I’m so far away from where I thought I’d be today”
These are the words we never dare to say out loud

A ballad talks of love like it’s a game
As years go by its rhymes remain the same
My jokes float, blinking in the air like fireflies
You watch’em go off, seated, smiling like a bride
And juggling thoughts of wether we should go outside
Or stay here

Not that far away from where we’d hoped we’d be someday
With all these words we never say but sing out loud

Baby I’m so far away from where I hoped I’d be today
With all these words we never dare to say out loud
Every hour farther away from writing songs of departed days
When there were words we wouldn’t ever say out loud

Just say it out loud.

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