Driving Music

02. Noite Americana

02. Noite Americana by Driving Music

Wrestle with the expectations, the ones that keep the sky from coming down
Dress me up in imitations of all of your favorite sights and sounds
We elect love at first sight, moved by that death row type of jealousy
That waters down the colours of routine
And while we dream of blue eyed skies and full page palm trees ads on magazines
We’re still in the same place

But if only I could live in spite of me
Then I’d fall back and slowly fall asleep
‘Cause I’ve been born out of your dearest needs
And that’s alright if you’re not leaving me behind
You’re not leaving me behind

Pour out all those deep desires and small disasters we can’t overcome
So we can talk about the silence and mourn the characters we did not become
Like those runnin’ away from cops or making millions off our self-esteem
While we’re still hanging out with tv screens
and looking for a way to face all that we’d promised we would never be
But still gets in our way

Oh, if only I could live in spite of this
Then I’d move on and get you out of here
‘Cause I’ve been runnin’ dry of bitter tears
And that’s alright, I’m now leaving it behind
‘Cause I’m not living in

A world of nametags that advise us to be insincere and happy -
The fake beauty of a day for night -
while, outside, a brand new day is charging more than we can pay
And this inner hunger’s eating all the space between us

Yeah, if only I could live in spite of me
then I’d fall down and learn how to disappear
‘Cause I’ve been born out of your biggest fears
And that’s alright
We’re just breeding enough dignity to make it through tonight
And learning how to live despite all this,
and it’s so nice that you’re still here with me!
‘Cause I’ve been longing for a perfect year
And, for a while, it’s been leaving me behind
But I’m not leaving it behind
I’m not leaving you behind

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Directed by Raphael Erichsen.

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