Driving Music

Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine by Driving Music

You breathe out smoke into the air
And let it curl around your hair
With eyes caught burning in a flare
He’d watch you live and die

Like a clam, inside your favorite dress,
You hold the world inside your chest
Until it comes out, oh so fast,
With a misleading sigh
The words you can not find

Let him take your hand and walk you to the same old record store
Even if they don’t sell records there no more

In that strobe of christmas lights
Your teardrops polish up your smile
To freeze that moment, blurred in time,
He’d never leave your side
Just be there, rain or shine

Let him talk about the same song that he talked about last year
When you wondered still for how long you’d be here

The fog’s bleached out the holiday
And ran you out of things to say
These sparkling streets, all bronze and gray,
Don’t ever lead you home

So toss out all those failed demands
And wrap your arms around your man
Then breathe in all the air you can
It’s the blossom of your life

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