Driving Music

11. Skatepark

Driving Music – Skatepark by Driving Music

We spend the whole week counting silver cars
And scratching bruises that would soon be scars
We share a song I’ll never get to hear
And the place that I once forgot to forgive

The seasons never seem to change ’round here
You say they’re waiting for us to begin
And live the plans we’ve set ourselves to be
To sit here side by side for one more year

If there is no one to walk you home from class
I will follow you but quickly lose my breath
And as we feel our youth dissolve into the air
We shut our eyes and anticipate the day
When we’ll be good enough to leave this place

So meet me with a bottle of cheap beer
It tastes like dirt but so do you and me
And we will list the things we’ll never miss
The ones that have been carved out of this street
The silence that we can no longer hear

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