Driving Music

10. Unimpressed

Driving Music – Unimpressed by Driving Music

The light refracts in the freezing trace that follows as you walk away
Leaving behind the things you can’t forget
You take the time to make your parting memorable by its restraint
And hold the sudden cracking of regret

Here, and back,
With all the trash we’ve left out to rust and preserve as past
We, again, reach an end that always seems closer
And further again, just to keep us wondering
What went so wrong to leave you this unimpressed?

In little time, we cover up the traces of the tragic day
When we heard certain things were meant to be
And so they are, so we can skip the parts where we are not afraid
To feel it all slide out so easily

Now here we stand
With all the trash we’ve kept in our closets as history
Of the days that I could spend just catering to you
And fishing for things you’d never find funny
The effort it takes to leave you so unimpressed

. Snare by Gustavo Matos.

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